Introduction to Anthroposophic Nursing
Online Webinars!

Anthroposophic Nursing (AN) is a way of providing nursing care that comes out of a deep acknowledgement of the wisdom of the human being, Body, Soul and Spirit.

Come join us for a series of webinars designed to introduce you to some core concepts of
Anthroposophic Nursing and the means to implement these understandings into your own self-care as well as informing your professional care. 

• Introduction to AN and the Inner Mood of the Nurse. Learn how AN can support inner development, wellness and enhance caring
• The Four-Fold Nature of the human being
• Introduction to Goethean observation – explore the understanding of plants and healing properties
• The Twelve Nursing Gestures
• The Art of Palliative Care

At your own pace, online.

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Laurie Schmiesing, RN, MSN, ANS, RES. Laurie has been studying AN since 2009 and has also completed the Anthroposophic Psychology Course. In addition to providing education on Anthroposophic topics, she has a wellness practice in San Jose, CA. She has presented at the American Holistic Nursing Association Conference in 2017, 2018 and 2021.

Dr. Eira Klich-Heartt, RN, DNP, CNS, CNL, ANS. Eira has been involved with AN since 1990’s. Her Master’s thesis was on the use of Lemon Compresses for comfort in fever. She has taught nursing at the pre-licensure as well as at the Master’s level. She currently is working as a staff nurse in post anesthesia recovery and incorporates AN concepts into her care. She has presented at the American Holistic Nursing Association Conference in 2017 and 2022.

Dr. Christoph von Dach, DNP, ANS works as the deputy director of Nursing at Slothurner Spitäler AG in Solothurn, Switzerland. He is a guest lecturer for Queen Margaret University and is an adjunct clinical professor for the University of North Carolina. He was head of nursing for the Anthroposophic hospital, the Lukas Clinic in Switzerland for many years. He was lead teacher for the Foundation and Specialist levels of AN in America from 2010-2019. In addition to AN, he specializes in implementing and educating nurses on person centered care. He presents internationally and at the American Holistic Nursing Association Conference in 2018.


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