Continuing Education: Rhythmical Einreibung for Baby and Mother

  • 8 Oct 2024
  • 11 Oct 2024
  • Camphill Soltane, PA


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October 8-11
at Camphill Soltane, PA

2024 NAANA Continuing Education Course 
for Graduates of AN, ANS, RE, RES & Midwives

Rhythmical Einreibungen
for Pregnancy, Baby and Mother 
and External Applications for Pregnancy and Post-partum Care 

Guest Teacher: Annette Beisswenger

Mother and Child Expert, Dornach, Switzerland

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Lectures begins October 9 at 8:30 am and end October 11 at 2 pm.

Anette Beisswenger is a specialist  in Anthroposophic Nursing and Rhythmical Einreibungen. and has worked 40 years as a nurse in various Anthroposophic clinics in Germany, Switzerland and Sweden. Her work included extensive teaching of Anthroposophic Nurses, physicians, and midwives. The last 30 years has been devoted to work with pregnant women and post-natal care of mother and child. For the last 5 years Anette has a private practice, where she supports the pregnancy, birth and post-partum care of mother and baby in Dornach Switzerland.    
The course includes study of the upper and lower senses of the baby related to Rhythmical Einreibungen,  eurythmy and embryology as well as extensive work with external applications in pregnancy and post-partum care, teaching us in the unique qualities of Rhythmical Einreibungen for mother and baby.

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